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Future Enterprise

Questions asked at Future Enterprise events will be diverse and challenging. How can we build a new economy in South Australia and what will it look like? What does it mean to be an entrepreneurial state? Should we build trust and integrity into new businesses from the start? What is a BCorp and why are they important?

For the growing number of socially focussed businesses and entrepreneurs, there is an opportunity to explore what role their businesses will play in a future where social, environmental and commercial imperatives increasingly converge. Leading experts from around the world will join local experts to share their ideas and challenge conventional wisdom. Join a discussion about board diversity, digital transformation, automation, the internet of things and much more.

Discover where the future jobs will be in a world of artificial intelligence. Question how we will build the digital workforce of the future and help find the answers. And learn more about how young entrepreneurs and employees are challenging traditional career-paths and geographic confines of their parents, demanding the ability to work remotely and seeking employers who want to do good in the world. These employers exist right here, right now - and they’ll be sharing their insights at Open State through the Future Enterprise theme.