South Australia - Becoming the Entrepreneurial State?

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We invite you to join us in conversation to drive entrepreneurial collaboration between state, business and society.

For South Australia to be competitive in the 21st century it must innovate on a broad base – in business, the workforce, in government, society, consumption and production. It must undergo an ‘entrepreneurial’ transformation – recognising that wealth creation is the role of all, and comes from building strong institutions as well as markets.

Leading European and Asian economies are looking to circular economic models for this transformation. Circular economies keep more value in products, components and materials by designing and producing them better, then keeping them in circulation longer through technological and social innovation.

This session explores what a truly innovative entrepreneurial model might look like with reference to circular economy initiatives under development here in South Australia ( We investigate whether such a transformation, if driven by entrepreneurial collaboration between the state, business and society, can help South Australia be a global competitor – and a great place to live and work.

This event is action-focused and outcome-oriented. The event aims to support you to:

  • Frame your area of interest in a different way
  • Find collaborators, partners and mentors
  • Have meaningful conversations about existing and new ideas
  • Test and evolve your ideas, concepts and issues with others
  • Map the circular economy people ecosystem in SA
  • Create a local community for mass collaboration and support
  • Form a cohesive voice

The session is structured as follows: 

Session 1

Our speakers will share industry knowledge, policy and practice to demonstrate the significant opportunities for South Australia through utilising the circular economy:

  • Andrew Culley, Managing Partner, Deloitte
  • Lance Worrall, Director Industry Transformation, Flinders University
  • Jodie Bricout, Senior Sustainability Specialist, Lifecycles

Session 2

Where do you see entrepreneurial circular economy opportunities for the state? In the next two hours, you are invited to submit a topic to host so that you can find like-minded people, test and develop ideas with them and to create new pathways for social and economic transformation. The content of all the sessions will be captured into an online format so that conversations and actions can continue beyond the event. 

Workshop Hosts:

  • Hsuhan Chiang, Woods Bagot
  • Suhit Anantula, Business Model Inc

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Open State Hub

Victoria Square

Adelaide, 5000

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Time and Date

  • 29 Sep 2017

    2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Open State Hub

Victoria Square

Adelaide, 5000