About Open State

Great things are possible when people connect

Together with our event partners, we have created a festival where South Australians come together to secure our future prosperity.

Open State’s purpose is to connect global and local leaders with South Australians, to explore new opportunities and address our state’s challenges together.

You are invited to attend Open State events and work on critical issues from the ground up.

Last year Open State attracted over 25,000 attendances at over 60 events. Importantly, it brought people together.

Our partners include our world class universities, business, social enterprises, government and community. Together, we hope to inspire new thinking and action.

Open State allows us to peer into the future and tackle some of the challenges we face as a state, and as global citizens, across six themes: Future Food, Future Human, Future Enterprise, Future Planet, Future Cities and Future Democracy.

What does rapid change and advancements in technology mean for our health and wellbeing as future humans? How is technology changing our brains? 

What will the future planet where we live look like – will it be a toasty Earth or another? Will the plastic in the oceans weigh more than the fish?

On this planet or another, what will our future cities look like? How will people, design and technology shape the cities of tomorrow?

What does future food look like? How can we be sure our diet isn’t making us dumb?

With today’s businesses able to be run from anywhere, young people are challenging traditional career-paths. Can future enterprise make a profit and deliver social good, and what will careers look like?

At the heart of it all is our future democracy; requiring us to address global issues and how to find new ways to work together. How does the new digital world affect our decision making?

Join our partners to explore these questions and more at Open State - and turn your ideas into action.

Open State is an open invitation for anyone who wants to play a role in building a more prosperous tomorrow.

Welcome to Open State.