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Today, ‘food’ has the soft power currency once only associated with music--pioneering, outspoken, iconoclastic and even, at times, political.

Food processing, new products and high profile chefs have broken boundaries, created new cultural references, and broadcasted a more connected, but yet infinitely more diverse, worldview. However, production, manufacture and distribution have also set huge challenges and raised ethical dilemmas among those of us lucky enough to entertain ‘choice’ in our economic and social exchange with food.

How can our planet sustain 9 billion people on a healthy and nutritionally balanced daily diet? How can we justify the application of water on crops that return less than the cost of the water used to produce them? How do we ensure biosecurity and traceability in and throughout supply-chains? And how do we educate and inspire consumer confidence to make better economic, health and diet-related choices?

Open State’s Future Food program is designed to address some of these big-picture questions by engaging with internationally renowned health professionals, management consultants, leading primary producers to share their in-sight and experience. We will be focussing on diet as both a predictor and a management tool for future health; challenging the idea of scale as the only economic model of commercial success; examine niche as a viable mainstream alternative; and proposing ‘quality and origin’ as a logical, sustainable antidote to the existing universal retail mantra of ‘fast-good-cheap’.

Join Open State’s 2017 Future Food program to share in some of the global industry’s challenges and insights, and to learn of South Australia’s leading food community response.




Dr Fiona Kerr is a prominent thought leader in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, human connectivity and the impacts of technologisation. She combines her role as Industry Professor, Neural and Systems Complexity at Adela...

Author Bruce Pascoe is a Tasmanian, Bunurong and Yuin man who lives on country, deep in the Victorian bush. A prolific writer, Bruce is the author of over 20 books.

A love for words, language and conversation do not make wine an obvious career choice, but a two year ‘distraction’ at Juveniles and Willi’s in Paris, and an unconventional apprenticeship as a van driver/kitchen porter/waite...

Simon Bryant has a 25-year career that started in Thai and Indian fast service restaurants. He completed stints as a butcher, function caterer, brasserie line chef, and as Chef de Partie in Cheong Liew’s much applauded The G...

Established in 1843, Hutton Vale Farm is 2000 acres of picturesque country-side in the north eastern hills of Eden Valley. Homeland to rolling hills and big red gums, some over 400 years old, with girths too big to wrap your...

Michael’s beguilingly simple business plan, to ‘live off the land’, demanded not only a considerable tree change and a leap of faith, but also a huge amount of diligent work, in an effort to realise a ‘back-to-the-future’ vi...

Udder Delights is a family owned and operated business based in the pristine Adelaide Hills. Saul & Sheree Sullivan, and Sheree’s father Trevor Dunford, are the people behind the brand. Together they have displayed a syn...

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Open State Dome

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  • 03 Oct 2017

    11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Open State Dome

Victoria Square

Adelaide, 5000