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Future Food

How will our plates change in the future? And how can South Australia safeguard our global leadership in the food and wine sector?

We have an increasing understanding of what it takes to be a leader in food innovation. As the world looks to high quality, flavourful and fresh foods, South Australian produce – food and wine – will become more popular in Australia and around the world.

This year’s Future Food theme will challenge us to think about how our plates, and economy, will change as we learn more about what the food industry will become in the future.

South Australia has some of the richest soils and best agriculture, but how can we produce our premium food and maintain its affordability? How do we make sure that we’re growing and cooking for consumption – to reduce food waste and utilise all of our natural resources? And how will we make sure our diet isn’t making us dumb?

Circular economy, the role of luxury food, niche markets and the need for new icons are among the tempting topics to be discussed by leading South Australian food and wine experts.