Michael Wohlstadt


The Dairyman Barossa

Michael’s beguilingly simple business plan, to ‘live off the land’, demanded not only a considerable tree change and a leap of faith, but also a huge amount of diligent work, in an effort to realise a ‘back-to-the-future’ vision of a rural life and community.

“The Dairyman is a true traditional mixed farm in the beautiful Barossa. Our way of farming and scale will take you back at least 50 years. We love to share our place, offering unique accommodation in an idyllic Australian setting. Our farm produce, including butter, cream, pork, bacon, ham and veal all come from our pasture raised animals that are treated with the utmost respect,” Michael explains.

After only three years of establishment, The Dairyman is now not only a local favourite at Barossa Farmers’ Market and the weekly market at the Adelaide Showgrounds, but also increasingly a sought-after ingredient brand for the established restaurants and chefs of the eastern seaboard.