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Future Human

From migration and mindfulness to the impact of artificial intelligence. Join our Open State partners as we explore how rapid change and digital transformation will affect our health and wellbeing now and into the future.

Ever wondered if your children are addicted to Snapchat? Discover how technology is rewiring our brains, explore the future of friendship and learn how to have happier and more productive employees.

What’s the future of humanity in this hyper-linked and hyper-connected world? Find out how we can reach out to the ‘digitally invisible’ and make sure no one is left behind.

Virtual reality and gaming will play a role in the future of health and aged care. Reimagine the future of caring and find out how DNA analysis and artificial intelligence will help solve some of our most puzzling crimes in the future.

What skills will give humans a competitive advantage over the machine? Decide if a robot can ever be an artist at a behind-the-scenes talk from the creators of the world’s first Robot Opera.

Future Human events cater for all ages. Participate in a series of daring challenges for seniors, join other young people to create your ideal machine, or come along to a child-friendly version of our international keynotes.