Partnering with AI for a human-centric future

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Technology profoundly changes what people do and how they connect, some aspects of which are critical to societal and individual wellbeing. Direct human connection has a unique impact on our thought and decision-making processes, and strongly influences our relationships, culture and society.

Technologisation offers us new horizons in every aspect of society, and has both amazing benefits and profound drawbacks – often at the same time – depending on the situation and application. Big data has the capacity to extend our horizons or limit the scope of our thinking; social media both connects and disconnects us; the future of work is offering both new opportunities for synergy between humans and technology, and mass unemployment with little agreement on worth and productivity; and family bots can connect a parent and child on opposite sides of the world, but distance them from each other within the home.

So how do we build a human-centric future which maintains human connection and understands the limitations of technology whilst leveraging fantastic new advancements and building high-quality human-synthetic partnerships? It is up to us.

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Open State Hub

Victoria Square

Adelaide, 5000

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  • 02 Oct 2017

    10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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Open State Hub

Victoria Square

Adelaide, 5000