Open State in the news: Radio Adelaide ABC 891

Julianne Pierce outlined the Women’s Parliament event during an on-air discussion with Sonya Feldhoff.

Campaign to end unconscious bias in SA workplaces: The Advertiser 4 September

South Australian business leaders will today launch a campaign against unconscious bias in the workplace, an issue they say is a key contributor to inequality.

Open State in the news: InDaily 30 August

InDaily covers: Bug bites on the menu at Post Dining pop-up

Open State in the news: Weekend Notes

David Walsh from Weekend Notes writes about Adelaide and its many attractions. In this piece he explores Open State.

Open State in the news: InDaily Top 100 August 18

InDaily announces that Richard Watson, the renowned futurist, will speak at the SA top 100 event.

Open State in the news: GovInsider 16 August 2017

GovInsider interviews Gail Fairlamb, discusses Fund My Neighbourhood and Open State.

Open State in the news: 5AA talks Open State

5AA's Alan Hickey discusses Open State with program director, Sarah Thomas.

A Message from the Premier of South Australia

Open State in 2017 promises to address challenges, devise solutions and translate ideas into action.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural program, Open State has six themes – Future Food, Future Human, Future Enterprise, Future Planet, Future Cities and Future Democracy.

Open State in the news: InDaily August 10

InDaily's Susie Keen speaks with Open State speaker and curator, Fiona Kerr.

Open State in the news: The Winnovation Awards, Aug 8

The Advertiser covered The Winnovation Awards, calling for more nominations!