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Future Cities

Curated by FAD.

How will public spaces be defined in the ‘future city’? How can Adelaide progress in line with technological advances, whilst retaining and reinforcing the interactions between the people who inhabit it?

Cities of the future will be shaped by the relationship between people, design and technology, where design acts as the moderator between them. When overlaid against a city’s place and history (context), the relation of these three factors drive the character of a future city. The quality of a city’s character can be seen in the way it allows for and fosters a social exchange. This exchange may be between inhabitants through face to face interactions, or between people and the city itself. Predominantly, this occurs in public and semipublic spaces. With an ever increasing prevalence, and preference for digital interactions, a balance must be struck which allows us to progress with innovations as well as maintain a city with identity and character.

For Adelaide to become a true future city, the transition over the next 50 years will be a critical period. Future Cities asks what do we need to do to get there, what will it look and feel like when we do and how will it be shaped by the interaction of people, design and technology?