Marianne Stacy


Psychologist and SarreODL Associate

Marianne Stacy is a registered Psychologist with extensive experience in leadership and organisational development. She has designed and run numerous highly successful leadership development and organisational change programs within the public sector as well for businesses and non-profit organisations.   

Marianne completed a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching at The George Washington University in 2006, and has since coached executives in the USA and Australia. As a solution-focused coach, Marianne assists leaders to leverage their own strengths, as well as to foster engagement and creativity in their teams. Marianne works with executives and emerging leaders to enhance their leadership capacity, providing a tailored approach to the unique needs of each client.  

With a focus on utilising positive psychological principles, Marianne’s experience enhances leadership performance and organisational culture. To navigate ambiguity and change, Marianne assists leaders to balance the interests and perspectives of diverse stakeholders from within complex and highly demanding environments.