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Future Planet

As Earth strains under the aspirations of humanity, how will we manage the effects of future population growth and climate change? Will our children’s future be secure on a toasty planet or will we need to look further afield?

As the prospect of interplanetary travel and colonisation becomes more real every day, South Australia will be in the global spotlight as we host the International Astronautical Congress. Rub shoulders with astronauts, innovators, scientists and engineers at the public exhibition and see the latest technologies and innovations in the space industry.

From other planets to our own, discover what a carbon neutral city looks like, and join international and local experts to explore how South Australia can be a global leader in climate change and an innovation testbed to turn ideas into reality.

Be part of a weekend ‘action lab’ that invites sustainability enthusiasts to co-design a safe, job-rich and clean energy transition. A ‘Nature Hack’ will challenge young and old to think about where we live now and into the future.

The future planet theme showcases the best solar technologies from around the world. Watch live as the participants in the 30th World Solar Challenge depart Darwin for their journey to Adelaide.