Glenn RG Jones


Global Head of PMO
Cobham Aviation Services

Glenn is Global Head of Program Management Office (PMO) responsible for the management of the project and program portfolio driving policy, procedure and methodology across the Cobham Aviation Services Sector in EMEA and ASIA-PAC. In this role, he provides assurance that all projects and programs are appropriately governed and assessed to ensure successful delivery when measured against target outcomes and that associated activities are conducted in such a way as to support the company’s reputation and generate business leverage.

The Global PMO forms an important part of Cobham Operational Excellence capability and Glenn has functional responsibility for all project and program staff across the sector working directly with regional Program Directors to ensure resources are appropriately matched to projects based on complexity and category.

Glenn has overall responsibility to perform objective governance and assurance reviews for projects in the portfolio in accordance with the Cobham Life Cycle Management policies and guidelines. As a member of the senior leadership team, Glenn is charged with challenging the Leadership team on sponsorship roles and responsibilities, resource allocation and engagement to ensure successful and timely project and program delivery.

Prior to commencing at Cobham, Glenn has held senior leadership roles at iBuzcon Ltd, Arqiva and HiFX in the UK.