A young person's guide to Open State


By Ashley Minton

So let me guess, you’re aged between 12-25, and probably thinking, Open State isn’t for me, but let me tell you why it is for you. Like, for reals.

See, I too, am a young person who once thought the same, but what I didn’t know was Open State is for everyone, but especially you and I. South Australia not only wants us young people but needs us to progress forward in the years to come. And I’m not talking about teaching our parents how to use a VR headset, but something bigger and better - something that will positively change and grow our state. South Australians need us to teach them how to better relate to young people, to help embrace future technologies and to explore new ideas. But most of all they need our fresh, innovate minds to keep up with the rest of the world. 

They say young people are the way of the future, but has anyone actually asked you what you think about our future? Well, now Open State does, in an exciting festival that gives you the opportunity to let your innovation, problem-solving skills and open-mindedness shine! Share the ideas you’ve kept quiet for so long, develop new ones, and discover how planning our future is not only beneficial in moving forward, but is also great fun! Whether it’s exploring future technologies, sampling future foods, planning innovative future cities, exploring jobs of the future, envisioning yourself a future leader, or learning how adult stresses can be good for you, Open State invites you to come along from 28 September to 8 October to help turn ideas into action. Young people are the future of South Australia, and together we can positively influence the future of our ‘open state’. 

With over 100 events, there’s plenty of Open State fun to add to your planner, but why not check out the top 10 on my list.