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Future Democracy

What do you want our society to be like in the future? Join our event partners to be a part of the discussion to get us there. As a leader in democratic innovation, we’re well placed in South Australia to ask the big questions. From being the first in Australia to give women the vote, to using digital platforms that let citizens decide how to spend public funds.

Why is trust in big institutions evaporating? And yet trust in peers increasing? Are people feeling left behind in a fast-changing world? Maybe this explains Brexit, Trump and the rise of the minor parties across the world.

Join us as we question how ‘digital’ is affecting our decision-making, and whether citizen journalism will make newspapers obsolete. Discuss how the lines of creator and consumer are being blurred and the role of unseen automated systems in shaping our understanding of the world.

Learn how governments are working to bring the views of citizens into policymaking through direct and deliberative democracy. Consider how public sector labs around the world are trialling new ways to solve complex problems. Will governments share power with citizens? And will citizens take responsibility? It is as much about the big global issues as it is about finding new ways to work together.