Introducing the Open State themes for 2017


Be involved. This year, we have a focus on turning ideas into action across six themes:

Future planet
We’re asking the big questions… can we solve the problem of climate change, species loss, and environmental sustainability? How will globalisation affect our economy, national identity and quality of life? How should we respond to population growth and migration? How does the relationship we have with our planet define our humanity?

Future democracy
The traditional pillars of civil society are disrupted. People across the globe are losing trust in institutions; while peer-to-peer trust is increasing. What do Brexit, Trump and the rise of the minor parties across the globe mean for our democracy?

Future food
South Australia is one of the world’s leading food and wine regions, renowned for our quality production and regional provenance. How does technology, globalisation and climate change impact our ability to keep innovating in food production, sustainability and food marketing?

Future human
From artificial intelligence to digitally printed prosthetics… technology will be ever present in the future human. Like smart phones today, wearables, robots and virtual reality will be the norm. What are the implications for our health, wellbeing and our humanity?

Future enterprise
The future of work and enterprise is changing rapidly. What are the new forms of enterprise? What are the jobs of the future? How will automation shape the world of work? Consumer demand for authentic, ethical, sustainable products is growing. How should enterprise respond?

Future cities 
What will shape the future of our cities? What is a sustainable city and how can smart cities help create a designated future where people thrive and enterprise can flourish? What is the potential of Adelaide as a living lab?